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theme of human unity (international category)

A Letter from India (2019)
Documentary, Short 12m
Amuka (2021)
Documentary 1h 11m
Awakening of the Goddess (2020)
Animation, Avant-Garde 3m
Baluji (2020)
Documentary, Short 22m
Body and Soul (2020)
Documentary 1h 14m
Colombia In My Arms (2020)
Documentary 1h 31m
Eyelashes of the Exodus (2021)
Drama, Short 11m
Eyes in the Forest (2019)
Documentary, Short 19m
From Durban to Tomorrow (2020)
Documentary, Short 40m
From Trash to Treasure: Turning negatives into positives in Lesotho (2020)
Documentary, Short 25m
Hearts and Bones (2019)
Drama 1h 51m
In Your Eyes (2019)
Documentary 56m
Kanya (2020)
Drama, Short 16m
Listen to Her (2020)
Drama, Short 7m
Living With Volcanoes - Sacred Volcanoes (2019)
Documentary 52m
Mbas mi (2020)
Experimental, Short 8m
Moti Bagh (2019)
Documentary 60m
Mrs. F (2019)
Documentary 1h 17m
Ophir (2020)
Documentary 1h 37m
Report On A Termination (2021)
Drama, Short 15m
School of Hope (2020)
Documentary 1h 18m
Senza Nome (2021)
Drama, Short 10m
Songs of the Water Spirits (2020)
Documentary 1h 40m
Streets of Lagos (2020)
Documentary, Short 12m
The Beginning (Aarambh) (2019)
Drama, Short 21m
The Church Forests of Ethiopia (2019)
Documentary, Short 9m
The Forum (2019)
Documentary 1h 32m
The Invisible Monster (2020)
Documentary, Short 29m
The Path - Parvathy Baul in Japan 2018 (2019)
Documentary 1h 16m
The People of Waste. Living Plastic (2020)
Documentary, Short 19m
The Undefeated (2021)
Animation, Short 13m
The Wisdom of Trauma (2021)
Documentary 1h 28m
Tuã Ingugu (Water Eyes) (2019)
Documentary, Short 11m
Wandering, a Rohingya Story (2020)
Documentary 1h 28m
White Eye (2019)
Drama, Short 21m

made by Aurovilians / bioregion residents

A Journey of Restoration (2021)
Documentary, Short 22m
Anima (2020)
Documentary, Short 3m
Another Sea in the Sky (2021)
Avant-Garde, Short 10m
Art and Crisis (2020)
Documentary, Short 7m
Artryst- A Fluid Affair (2020)
Documentary 1h 1m
Before the Storm (2020)
Avant-Garde, Short 4m
Black America (2020)
Documentary 44m
Cherish a Thatched Roof in Auroville (2019)
Documentary, Short 8m
Conversation on Death with Aurovilians by Danielle de Diesbach (2021)
Documentary 59m
Corona Lockdown (2020)
Drama, Short 11m
God Bless You (2020)
Comedy, Short 7m
I am an Intuition (2020)
Drama, Short 4m
Infinite Potential (2006)
Experimental, Short 3m
Inspiration Towards Sustainable Water: UN SDGs & Auroville Water Practices (2021)
Documentary, Short 30m
Japanese Garden Project at Auroville Botanical Gardens (2021)
Documentary, Short 4m
Kamala Hari Krida (2021)
Avant-Garde, Short 13m
Learning from the Intangible (2021)
Documentary 1h 25m
Lockdown – 48 Athisayam (2020)
Comedy, Short 5m
Masquerade (2021)
Drama, Short 6m
Mathupriyan (2020)
Drama, Short 7m
My Body (2021)
Drama, Short 17m
Nine Births - Mudra by Rekha Tandon (2021)
Avant-Garde, Short 6m
Our Cashew Story (2020)
Documentary 42m
Paasam Pathukakum (2021)
Drama, Short 5m
Pre-monsoon (2020)
Drama 1h 2m
Reverie (2020)
Animation, Short 2m
Robbery in the Time of Corona (2020)
Comedy, Short 10m
Still Daydreaming (2021)
Music, Short 3m
Surgical Masks by Miniature (2020)
Documentary, Short 3m
Temple Tree - Manifestations of Ganesha (2021)
Documentary, Short 13m
The JOI of Human Unity (2021)
Documentary, Short 29m
The Making of Auroville Citizens Assembly (2021)
Documentary, Short 38m
Tribute to the Soul of Gratitude (2021)
Documentary, Short 4m
Water Vision Mediation | Guided Water Meditation | Auroville Citizens Assembly (2021)
Animation, Short 8m
What's going on in Auroville? (2021)
Documentary, Short 8m
White Mountain (2021)
Avant-Garde, Short 2m